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Blink Warranty: Your Hassle-Free Assurance

Explore Our Comprehensive Warranty Coverage:

1. Comprehensive Protection:

Enjoy peace of mind with Blink's warranty, guarding against defects in materials and workmanship post-purchase. Selected items come with a generous 24-month warranty within the KSA.

2. Accessories Included:

Our warranty extends to various electronic accessories for a reliable 2-year period from the delivery date.

3. Easy Claim Process:

Our streamlined claims process ensures a hassle-free experience. Provide the necessary details, and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring swift repairs or replacements.

4. Authorized Repairs:

Trust in our network of authorized service centers for all repairs. If your purchase was made through a different seller, their unique warranty terms will apply.

5. Invoice Verification:

Keep your original invoice handy; it's your ticket to seamless service. The invoice validates your warranty period and serial number for swift assistance.

6. Timely Repairs:

For products under warranty, expect repairs to be completed within 30 working days, from pick-up to dispatch. We value your time and aim for swift resolutions.

7. Verified Products:

Not all products are equal, and neither are their warranties. Always check the product listing to ensure your item qualifies for our warranty benefits.

8. Clear Limitations:

Understand the boundaries of our warranty. Repairs or replacements don’t extend the original warranty period; the terms align with your device manufacturer's specifications.

9. Hassle-Free Solutions:

If your item can’t be repaired under warranty, we offer hassle-free solutions – a replacement from the same seller or a full refund, ensuring your satisfaction.

10. Packaging Care:

To ensure your item’s safety during transit, please pack it securely. Inadequate packaging - leading to damage voids the warranty, so make sure it's packed with care.

11. Third-Party Sellers:

Warranty services provided by sellers other than Blink fall under their jurisdiction. This includes repair quality and spare part availability. For inquiries or complaints, contact

12. Additional Charges:

Some service centers may propose charges for out-of-warranty items if repair services are declined. Stay informed and make the right choice for your device.

  1.  Your Contact Details: Rest assured, your name, email, and return address will only be shared with the authorized repair vendor as required, adhering to all relevant data protection legislation.
  2. Special Note on Product Misuse: Please be aware that warranty coverage does not extend to damages caused by misuse, liquid spills, unauthorized repairs, or usage for unintended purposes.
  3. At Blink, we prioritize your satisfaction and aim for transparency at every step. Trust us for a worry-free ownership experience. Your tech deserves the best, and so do you!